Proven Solutions to Preventable Tragedies

Hundreds of students have been killed in school related shootings and many more have suffered the devastating results of such tragedies. Recent surveys show that the nationwide trend of school shooting has increased students and parental fears.

These tragedies are a sad reminder of the lack of individual and institutional preparedness for such threats.

By combining years of experience in fighting terrorism and training First Responders how to respond to Active Shooter together with extensive academic research into Mass Violence incidents our team has developed the most comprehensive school violence prevention and intervention program of its kind.

Our program enhances cooperation between law enforcement and schools through an integrated training approach that combined TWO training components:

• On Location Responders (school staff, faculty, and select students)
• First Responders (local Line Officers responding to Active Shooter incidents)

First Responder Training

The inside of a crowded school is one of the most challenging environments in which an officer can be called upon to operate. Unknown structures, multiple doors, extremely crowded lines of fire, panic-stricken bystanders, difficult approach and the possibility of suspects hiding within makes response to a school shooting a complex task. Standard police tactics used for “Barricaded Suspects” will fail when applied against an “Active Shooter” bent on self-destruction. To prepare for these attacks progressive law enforcement agencies must train Line Officers in tactics specifically developed for the highly dynamic Active Shooter situation.

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On Location Responder Training

Studies show that by the time the First Responders becomes involved, most casualties have already occurred. Relaying solely on the response of law enforcement during active shooter situations is unrealistic. To manage these threats effectively, immediate intervention by the On-Location Responders is crucial.

Unlike most advice on school violence, which focuses on preventative measures and the psychological motives behind the attacks, our program explicitly addresses reality based solutions and responses for personal safety.

The program is cost effective and thoroughly documented and is ready to be taught as part of any school curriculum. We strongly believe that the implemented of this program as a National School Safety Standard would greatly benefit the public safety.

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