Violence is a harsh reality in contemporary society. Far too many people are inclined to get angry and are prone to act out their frustrations aggressively. The risk of violence in the workplace has become a salient issue. Costs can include liability lawsuits, medical and psychiatric care, property damage, lost business and productivity and most important of all, the death or injury of valued employees.

Corporate executives in the business areas of acquisition, negotiation, management and development have recurrent experiences with angry and potentially assaultive clients and employees. Understanding and following preventive behavior can reduce vulnerabilities.

People give warning signs the majority of the time….

In order to perceive these warning signs you must understand the environmental conditions and social circumstances leading to aggression. Our Violence Management workshops teaches the latest information about clinical assessment of aggression and the most advanced tactical awareness skills.

The focus of our training is two-fold: prevention and emergency response. You will master proven methods for avoiding and preventing workplace violence – greatly reducing the chances that you will ever be involved in dangerous situation. You will also find out exactly how to respond to violence or security threats without putting yourself at increased risk.